Residential Pool Maintenance Education A message to new or existing pool and spa owners

Would you like to know more about your pool or spa?
Do you wonder if your service is doing the job right?
Even though I am CPO Certified, how do I apply what I learned in the course?

I’m an instructor of the National Pool and Spa Foundation conducting Certified Pool/Spa Operator classes to train commercial pool operators. However, I also host in-person one-on-one training for residential pools that help eliminate the need to outsourcing pool service, helps extend the life of the plaster, and maintain pool equipment properly.

This instruction course will include how to balance your water’s chemistry, labeling your equipment, and hands-on basket and filter cleaning. Learn how to troubleshoot common pool problems like algae blooms or scale build-up and how to avoid them. I believe KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and I can help you to acquire this knowledge. Your personalized instruction will take between 3 to 4 hours, and includes a complete DPD test kit or 7 in 1 test strips.

Your personalized class is only $150.00 including materials.
(This class is open to all members of household’s family or property-specific teammates)

Please call me at 702-561-6444 or e-mail at to set-up your appointment.