About Us Complete pool/spa inspection service by a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Instructor

Hello! Future new pool and spa homeowners and their agents. I’m David Boyle and I can help you with your purchase of a new home with a pool or spa. I offer a complete inspection service which includes a written evaluation of your equipment, your pools/spas surface, the condition of the filter cartridges, your pools plaster, your pools plumbing, main drains and fittings. This service is not completely covered by home inspectors and many times the new homeowner can be greatly surprised with unknown problems.

I have been in the pool industry for over a decade in many capacities; retail store management, a commercial and residential consultant, and a service and repair technician. Bluewaterworld is a consulting, educational and training business. I have been a teacher at the Community College of Southern Nevada conducting classes in residential pool and spa maintenance and a Certified Pool/Spa Operator Instructor to commercial properties.

Your Complete written pool/spa evaluation is $150.00.

Please call me @ 702-561-6444 or email me at Bluewaterworld@cox.net to setup your appointment.