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Equipment - Enhance the quality and appearance of your pool or spa.

Bluewaterworld offers a variety of special equipment to help enhance the quality and appearance of your pool or spa. From pool lighting to pool sanitation systems, Bluewaterworld can provide you with high quality equipment that is best for your own pool or spa.

Sunbelt Spas
Dealer for Sunbelt Spas, swim spas/pools - Both above or inground.

Leisure Fiberglass Pools & Spas
Retailer of Leisure Fiberglass Pools & Spas.

Zeolite Fitration Systems
Simplified maintenance and reduced yearly expense. The most superior filtration today, 3-4 microns. Traps 99% of water born algae spores.

Delozone Purification
Delozone ozone water purification system – kisll all harmful systems – kill all harmful bacteria, germs and virus.

Salt Water Chorine Generating Systems
Salt water chlorine generating systems – eliminates chlorine handling and storage.

Delozone EC-2 240v w/ MDV-10 injector manifold / degassing kit plus parts
$999.93. Please click the Add to Cart button below. Shipping is included with this equipment.

Jandy PDA
Remote control automation – retrofit any pool/spa system to total control.

Digital Color light systems – Any pool can be a kaleidoscope of colors.


  • Penefitss include:
    Seven color modes as well as 3 repetitious modes
    Uses 90% less electricity than standard lights
    An impressive 5 year warranty
    A projected life of 10 years
    Installation doesn’t need a new light fixture
    Less expensive than Jazz or Sam Lighting
    No need to drain pool/spa in most cases

  • Pricing includes new light gaskets:
    Pool led light only $299.99
    Spa led light only $199.99
    Any pool/spa combo saves $(30.00)
    Labor for single fixture - Free
    Labor for pool/spa combo - Free

Laminar jet systems with fiber optic lighting. Stream lighted water into your pool.

Electronic Vacuums

The fastest way to clean a pool trapping dirt down to 2 microns. Cleans in 2 hours of less on most pools.

Heat pump technology – heat your pool/spa for a fraction of the cost using gas boilers

Tankless pool/spa water heaters – Use to back up solar or heat pumps in winter.

Heatsaver heat retention system holds heat in without the hassle of a solar blanket.

Equipment - Spas & Pools, Filtration Systems, Purification Systems, Chlorine Generating Systems, Water Quality Management Systems, Remote Control Automation Systems, Color Light Systems, Jet Systems with Fiber Optic Lighting, Electronic Vacuums, Pool & Spa Water Heaters, Heat Retention Systems